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PlayPoliticians are Only as Smart as We Are6:592018-10-26People like to criticize politicians, but they are a reflection of what we are. We are not angels; neither are politicians.
PlayTake Full Responsibility for What is Going On5:552018-10-19None of us have the ability to influence things on a large scale, but we do have to take the responsibility for what we can do.
PlayEverybody Wants to be a Hero, but What if you Become the Devil Instead5:252018-10-09People are trying to become heroes in their own minds. They think they are fighting the great cause, but they can be causing serious problems.
PlayNo Romantics4:382018-10-02Political Romantics can be dangerous. Reality is better.
PlayTrust and Responsibility5:512018-07-17It is time to be responsible for ourselves and our actions. It is better to act than to just complain. Be trustworthy.
PlayFacts, Fantasies, and Feelings7:232018-07-13It is better to rely on data and facts as opposed to feelings. Feelings are important, but should not be the foundation of political beliefs.
PlayWhy Ideologues Fail - Human Beings are not Dogs5:322018-07-10Ideologues seem to believe that there are perfect answers that they want to impose. People cannot be controlled like dogs.
PlayCourageous Conversations versus Cowardly Talk5:372018-07-06We have free speech in this country. We also have political correctness. We also have too many that point fingers We need to have more courageous conversations.
PlayOur Real Religion - Judgmentalism4:252018-07-03The real religion of this country seems to be judgmentalism. It is very easy to point fingers. It is more difficult to admit our own mistakes.
PlayIdentity and Ignorance8:182018-06-29Sometimes identity politics is ignorance. People are more than one simple identity. Get to know the person.
PlayThings will get Hot and Heavy8:042018-06-26Every few generations, things get hot and heavy. If you are willing to hang in there, powerful things will happen.
PlayIs it Better to be Right than to be American?7:022018-06-22Do you want to be right? Or do you want to be an American? It is important to try and bring Americans together. Can you set aside your righteousness to unite America?
PlayEverybody Lies at Some Level5:522018-06-19Everybody lies, especially socially and politically In this country lying is so pervasive, that it can eventually destroy this country.
PlayForget the Drama and the Game5:332018-06-15Forget all the drama on social media and in the press. Pay attention to what goes on behind the scenes.
PlayA Very Simple Test of your Morals and your Politics5:212018-06-12How do you balance your morals with your politics? Are you judging the other political side for things that are happening on your side also?
PlayThe Furnace4:402018-06-08When things get hot culturally and politically it is like being in a metaphorical furnace. Are you willing to step back and not let the furnace burn you up? Calm down and get out of the furnace.
PlayBe Careful What you Wish For4:302018-06-05Be careful what you wish for in the current climate of our country. The elites have enormous power and do not care about the interests of the citizens of the United States.
PlayMind Fever5:512018-06-01Mind fever is when a group gets really hyped up about something and then it is off to the races screaming and rampaging.
PlayPaying Attention instead of just Reacting3:292018-05-29Many of us are reacting to information, as opposed to paying attention and thinking it through.
PlayThinking you Know versus Really Knowing what is Going on4:452018-05-25Many of us think we know what is going on, but perhaps we all need to dig deeper, do more research, and really know what is going on.
PlayThe First Casualty of War is the Truth3:352018-05-22In this country we are in the midst of political and cultural wars. And we know that the first casualty of any war is the truth.
PlayEverybody is Narcissistic3:432018-05-18Narcissism is very common in our country today. Self esteem is important, but narcissism can be dangerous. We need to also worry about what is going on in our country.
PlayMonopoly Power, Pigs, and Hogs5:232018-05-15Monopolies are not good for our economy. Certain portions of our political and economic elites are trying to control everything.
PlayPower: What it is, What it isn't, and What it means for You4:542018-05-11What power is not. It is not force. It is not compelling others to do what we want. Power is a strong grounding as a human being and a citizen.
PlayAmerican Society - Are we Moral or Moralistic?5:142018-05-08Is the United States a moral country, or is it a moralistic country filled with judgment, righteousness, and rage?
PlayTime to Choose: Are you a Citizen or Are you a Slave?5:022018-05-04There are many who are the best kind of slaves - the kind that do not know they are slaves. They are slaves to their desires or slaves to those that manipulate them. Stop being a slave; be an informed citizen.
PlayNationalism Part 2 - Narcissism, Tribalism or Americanism?5:042018-05-01Nationalism can be a form of narcissism. Nationalism can be a form of tribalism. Nationalism should be Americanism which includes all citizens.
PlayNationalism Part I - Civic Religion4:482018-04-27Nationalism has turned into a form of civic religion. Nationalism, like religion, can be dangerous when it divides a country into us versus them. Nationalism should unite us.
PlayAfraid of Big Government? Better be Afraid of Big Everything4:512018-04-24A lot of people are afraid of big government. The constitution is set up to control big government. But other big entities, like big businesses, are just as fearful.
PlayYour Personal Experience is not the Totality of all Human Experience4:512018-04-20There is a tendency for people to globalize their own personal experience. It is the false notion that one's own personal experience is the only valid experience.
PlayWhy are you afraid? A Question and a Challenge4:552018-04-17Why are so many of us afraid? Try and understand what is causing your fear. The challenge is to understand and overcome fear. Fear can become destructive.
PlayAgency and Responsibility5:042018-04-13Agency is having control of your life. Adults have agency over their lives. Somehow politicians seem to blame others as opposed to taking agency. We need to take agency and accept responsibility.
PlayConservative Fantasies4:362018-04-10The biggest fantasy of Conservatives is that you can say anything to people without consequences. Conservatives say outrageous things, get a strong response, and then act confused at the strong response.
PlayLibertarian Fantasies5:262018-04-06The biggest fantasy of Libertarians is that small government will work in our imperfect world. Humans are not always rational and reasonable. Some government is required.
PlayLiberal Fantasies4:502018-04-03The biggest fantasy of Liberals is the notion that certain things are true and right and everyone should automatically believe them. Liberals need to explain better what they think, feel, and believe.
PlayThe Easiest Thing & the Hardest Thing (To do)4:412018-03-30The easiest thing to do is point fingers at others. The hardest thing to do is to examine ourselves to see whether we are part of the problem.
PlayA Real American4:272018-03-27What is a "Real" American? Real Americans are proud of our country, but they also live up to the principles of the United States. Real Americans are inclusive. Real Americans support all citizens.
PlayBad Political Models 3 - Expecting the Government to run Like Your Household5:002018-03-23Expecting the government to run like your household is unrealistic. The Government is not like your household. There are critical times when the Government must run deficits.
PlayBad Political Models 2 - Expecting Instant Changes, Responses and Results4:072018-03-20We have some unrealistic expectations of what to expect from politicians. Governing is complex and complicated. We should not expect instant changes.
PlayCelebrity Presidents3:482018-03-16Some people believe a celebrity can make a good President of the United States. I do not agree with that at all. I think we should elect those that have some experience.
PlayTo Be a Citizen4:012018-03-13What does it mean to be a citizen? Being a citizen requires a certain level of responsibility. Become a good citizen. Become engaged. Being citizen has responsibilities as well as rights.
PlayGresham's Law in Government and Politics5:012018-03-09In economics, Gresham's law is a monetary principle stating that "bad money drives out good". In the country today, we have bad politics driving out good politics.
PlayThe Elites3:532018-03-07In general, we have a challenge in this country because the elites seem to have lost touch with the commonwealth.
PlayA More Perfect Union and the Road to Hell4:082018-03-02The road to hell is often paved with good intentions. There are many in this country with good intentions. They are trying to impose perfect solutions. We need to be careful of these good intentions.
PlayLiving up to our Principles3:152018-02-27In the past, America did not always live up to its principles. We need to go forward and live up to our principles of freedom and liberty for everyone.
PlayFreedom versus License3:422018-02-23Freedom is different from license. Freedom does not mean you have the license to do anything. It seems many want license and not freedom.
PlayDifferences between Conservatives and Liberals3:342018-02-20Neither Liberals or Conservatives are perfect. Conservatives have a tendency to hurt people. Liberals have a tendency to want to help people.
PlayBad Political Models 1 - Perfect Politicians11:452018-02-16One of the bad political models is expecting our Politicians should be perfect. Politicians are not perfect. Politicians do not pass perfect legislation.
PlayHow we can take Responsibility5:002018-02-14We can take responsibility for changing things in the political system. It is very easy to point fingers. What is hard is to look in the mirror and understand what we need to change.
PlayPoliticians are not Saviors5:422018-02-09Many have the expectation that Politicians should be saviors. This notion is not realistic. Politicians are human and flawed.
PlayRights and Responsibilities3:472018-02-06Most everyone understands that they have rights as US citizens. Not everyone understands they also have responsibilities because they are US citizens.
PlayArmchair Americanizing4:042018-02-02There is a lot of Armchair Americanizing going on in this country. It is really complaining which is easy. So let's do the real work of understanding ourselves and others.
PlaySymbolism versus Action3:222018-01-30Some people do symbolic patriotism with flag waving and talk about how much they love our country. But what about actions? Boasting about America while violating American principles is not Patriotic action.
PlayPopulism3:172018-01-26People are starting to use Populism as a way to attack people. Many Americans are suffering. People are losing hope. Populism is not a mistake; it is a cry for help.
PlayFreedom, Liberty, and Democracy2:382018-01-24In the most recent inauguration, some words that we did not hear are Freedom, Liberty, and Democracy. There are the words that should define our country: not fear and hate.
PlayWhat is Patriotism?2:402018-01-24What Patriotism is, and what it is not. Patriotism is not just respecting the symbols of our country; it is respecting the principles that define our country. Patriotism is inclusive to all our citizens.
PlayFear Has Become Pervasive2:442018-01-16Fear has become pervasive in our society. We let fear influence our conversation and actions. Let's examine why we are afraid.
PlayWhy I do not like Superhero Movies3:272018-01-13Liking Superhero movies can mislead us into thinking about things that are not possible. Politicians are not Superheroes: do not expect them to be heroes. Be your own hero.
PlayHatred is Not Greatness2:272018-01-09Hatred is not Greatness. Hatred is not American. Hating one group of Americans is NOT loving America.
PlayWhat Patriotism is Not1:392018-01-05Patriotism is not hatred. It is not based on fear. It is not based on attacking and vilifying other people. Patriotism is based on love for our country.